Radical animal activists have revealed their plans to destroy our way of life on the land, posing a real threat to rural communities.

Self-described vegan bodybuilder Emma Hurst, recently elected to the NSW Upper House for the inner-city Animal Justice Party, wants to reduce the kangaroo population with contraceptives and ban culling, transition the dairy industry to “plant based farming” to improve the life of cows, put an end to land clearing altogether, and stop the production of eggs in Australia.

For the next eight years, she will campaign for animals over people, and wants to use ‘contraceptive darts’ rather than culling to control kangaroo numbers – which she admits will be far more costly than traditional culling.

Her policies betray a complete ignorance of life in rural and regional NSW, and the communities that would bear the brunt of her radical ideas. Country communities would be decimated if farming businesses were forced to close because of strict vegan rules, and valuable farmland would be rendered useless if native vegetation was unable to be cleared.

Sadly, more and more young people are being brainwashed by this sort of radical left-wing ideology, which uses social media to spread its message of fear and activism. Last week, farms were invaded by ‘activists’ who used an online attack map to target them. While governments work to tighten up trespassing laws and crack down on this sort of activity, the online champions of the vegan cause are unapologetic in continuing to spread their views, regardless of the cost to honest working Australians.

At a Federal level, the Greens have already signalled that they intend to force Labor into supporting their radical left-wing policies if it wins the election, meaning groups like Animal Justice will be even more emboldened to attack agriculture.

Our country is at a turning point, and it is time for all real Australians to stand up to this increasingly vocal minority and say “enough is enough”.