Embattled Labor Leader Michael Daley has continued his jaunt around regional NSW (Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong), heading just north of Newcastle to announce a rural and remote preschool policy.

It’s not the first time Daley has confused the outskirts of a major metropolitan city for the bush; his “regional” trip to western Sydney’s Bankstown made headlines a few weeks ago.

The election campaign so far has been notable for Daley’s complete lack of interest in the regions, with Country Labor simply saying it would match The National’s policies without any consideration of how to implement or pay for them.

But people in the regions remember Labor’s 16 years of neglect, mismanagement and corruption. With serious questions still hanging over Daley’s time as a Sydney councillor, there are real concerns that it’s the same old Labor on the campaign trail.

Source: Port Stephens Examiner, page 6, March 7, 2019.