The Greens have revealed themselves to be a Party of self-interested hypocrites, led by a man who celebrates their disregard for the law and champions the actions of law-breakers.

Just a few months after Greens doyen Bob Brown led a convoy of fossil-fuel burning cars across the country to protest the burning of fossil fuels, he is now opposing a wind farm in Tasmania.

A veteran activist, Brown is now opposed to the turbines he once championed because they spoil the view and kill birds – exactly the sort of criticisms he once ignored on the mainland.

It put Greens leader Richard Di Natale in a tough spot ahead of an appearance on the ABC’s Insiders program, but he managed to double-down on the party’s rhetoric by claiming the people that enabled farm-invading activists were doing “very valuable” work.

Di Natale also spruiked the Greens’ “strong and proud tradition” of breaking the law, much like their trade union mates.

“I’m the only member of the Greens, that hasn’t actually been arrested yet,” he told Insiders. “I think when there are bad laws, civil disobedience is an appropriate response, but you need to face the consequences of that and there are laws that allow us to do that.”

He also went on to oppose the Government’s much-needed Future Drought Fund, seeking to score political points by tearing things down rather than build anything valuable.

The problem for the Greens and their supporters, of course, is that if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything – even wild policy backflips on wind farms.