Labor’s fish death panel, led by a former Bill Shorten employee at the Australian Academy of Science, surprised no-one when its report backed up Labor’s politics.

Many findings and recommendations in the document are political, not scientific. Sadly, the Australian Academy of Science seems to have done the Labor Party’s bidding and opened itself up to claims that “he who pays the piper calls the tune”.

The report ignored numerous historical fish kills and instead blamed the widely-publicised event at Menindee solely on irrigators.

Saying that stopping farmers from taking water – which they’re not actually taking – would have stopped the fish death makes no sense. Blaming irrigators in a year in which they took very little water from the system above Menindee pushes a myth. That’s not science.

It’s all part of the Labor/Greens strategy to undermine farmers and rural communities, flushing precious water down to South Australia where it will be held in lakes used for sailing regattas.

The report’s recommendation to scrap the 1500 gigalitre cap on water buybacks is purely political. Scientists should not be concerned about how water is recovered; only how much of it goes down the system, when, and what environmental outcomes that produces. The Australian Government continues to choose to recover water in a way which doesn’t cost jobs, and clinched crucial agreement from all States on this in December 2018.

Taking ‘urgent steps to ensure there is sufficient flow’ in the Darling is impossible unless these scientists know a really good rain dance. The Darling River is fed by Menindee, a storage altered by man, which is now only 2 per cent full. We need rain, not politics.