NSW Labor Leader Michael Daley has some explaining to do after it was revealed that the Shooters have entered a preference deal with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

On December 17 last year Mr Daley told the media:
“We will completely rule out dealing with One Nation – because I believe they are a racist party.”

However, Labor has a history of dealing with and promoting the Shooters, forcing Mr Daley to either turn his back on the Shooters or eat his words.

Meanwhile, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian confirmed on Sunday that the Government would not do any deal with the Shooters to form a minority government.

Now that One Nation has joined forces with the Shooters, Michael Daley needs to show he is a man of his word, and stop dealing with a party he says is racist. He must rule out a deal between Labor and the One-Nation-aligned Shooters – and until he does, the people of NSW need to know why he is now willing to turn a blind eye to racism.

Australia has repeatedly demonstrated its unwillingness to embrace the divisive politics of Pauline Hanson and Mark Latham, but we are now in a situation where they could be given a position of power because of Labor.

Labor is trying to stitch up deals with the far left and the far right, doing absolutely anything it takes to grab power. It’s bad enough for Labor to jump into bed with the Shooters – an organisation akin to pro-gun lobbyists the NRA – who want easier access to guns and no records of ammunition sales.

The Shooters are highly critical of Australia’s gun laws – introduced after the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996 – which have prevented mass shootings on our soil. They also want people to have ready access to firearms for self-defence. In the United States, where self-defence shootings happen millions of times a year, it is far more common for someone to be shot by mistake than for a criminal to be shot.

Voters have a clear choice whether or not to green-light the dangerous gun policies of the Shooters, which will put people at risk, or the racist policies of One Nation, which will further inflame intolerance.

We have the Shooters who want more guns on the streets, the Greens who want drugs in pubs and a stand-for-nothing Labor leader who will let it all happen.

Labor voters will surely be asking Michael Daley: “Please explain?”