Labor is busy trying to convince farmers they’re on their side, with the reassuring words “trust us”.

With their broadside attacks on retirement savings going down like a lead balloon, Labor is hiding their anti-farming policies behind a vague promise to review Local Land Services. While farmers are being left to guess what those reviews will recommend, we’re fairly certain they will be heavily influenced by Labor’s second-in-charge, Shadow Environment Minister Penny Sharpe, who doesn’t think people should take priority over the environment.

It’s time Labor comes clean with farmers and people in rural and regional communities about what their plans really are. It’s not enough to have a regional spokesman so low on the totem pole that he can’t see the top. And it’s certainly not good enough to throw your lot in with gun nuts, racists and greenies who want to radically change our way of life.

You can imagine this will only get worse if Labor needs the Greens’ support to form government – their reckless ideas will go down in history as agricultural vandalism if realised, and will put an end not only to farms but also entire communities across the State.

The facts are that the Nationals in Government have drastically improved the performance of Local Land Services, which now has a customer satisfaction rating of 9.4/10. The Nationals in Government will continue to support LLS to reach its full potential, rather than create uncertainty. An example of this is our $22.4 million commitment to boost the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative – a joint venture between LLS and Landcare NSW. The people of NSW deserve real leadership and unfortunately, yet again, Labor has come up short.