One of Bill Shorten’s closest advisors has revealed a refusal to listen to good advice cost Labor the Federal Election in May.

Bill Kelty, a former Australian Council of Trade Unions secretary and close confidant of Bill Shorten, told The Australian that he warned against Labor’s ‘retiree tax’.

He said he felt Labor was penalising people on low incomes and “insulting” them by calling them the “top end of town”. Mr Kelty also urged Mr Shorten to pursue genuine tax reform, not Labor’s agenda of hiking up some taxes to fund spending increases.

Voters overwhelmingly rejected Labor’s class-warfare rhetoric and the Greens’ predictions of doom, preferring instead the Government’s positive plans for reform and development. Despite leading the polls throughout the campaign, Labor’s final resulted was an absolutely crushing defeat.

Mr Kelty said the Federal Election had been Labor’s “one great chance”, but “I think it’s one we threw away, that’s what I think”.