Half of Australia’s top 20 green cars will cost more under Labor, according to the Electric Vehicle Council.

The affected cars on the Australian Government’s green vehicle guide, which ranks cars based on carbon emissions and environmental friendliness, include some of the best-sellers in the emerging electric car market.

It means that Labor’s tax could actually discourage people from buying electric cars, stalling their wider introduction into the market.

The poorly-considered tax grab was described as being akin to taxing solar panels by Electric Vehicle Council chief executive Behyad Jafari, who spoke to Fairfax Media on Thursday.

“In the same way you wouldn’t raise taxes on solar panels, you shouldn’t raise taxes on electric vehicles,” he told the Australian Financial Review. “Electric vehicles should be seen as a clean energy resource.”

Batteries and technologies in electric cars are relatively new, and therefore more expensive, than petrol-powered cars. But it is expected they will come down in price over the coming years as more and more people adopt the technology. Any disruption to electric car sales could have a chilling effect on the market as a whole.