Dairy initiatives announced today by NSW Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair are welcomed by Dairy Connect, in particular the announcement of a commitment to a ‘Fresh Milk & Dairy Advocate’, which will be underpinned by a Dairy Business Advisory Unit.

Minister Niall Blair said today that the Government’s first priority was to help farmers survive the drought and the financial stresses that have beset them over the past years.

President of the Dairy Connect Farmers Group, Graham Forbes, expressed support for the announcements today but indicated that the ‘devil will be in the detail’.

“Beyond the survival role for NSW dairy, the Minister said that a re-elected Coalition Government would move quickly to appoint a Fresh Milk and Dairy Advocate to lead a dedicated Dairy Business Advisory Unit within the DPI”, Graham Forbes said.

“Dairy Connect looks forward to working with the Fresh Milk and Dairy Advocate in the establishment of a ‘fresh milk crisis taskforce’ and identifying pro-active steps to ensure the NSW dairy industry survives into the future and that NSW remains a fresh milk State”, said Dairy Connect CEO, Shaughn Morgan.

Niall Blair said today the government would also work with industry to drive demand for NSW milk through a marketing campaign, as well as offer fully subsidised course fees for the NSW Dairy Farm Training Program.
Policy initiatives formulated by advocacy group Dairy Connect and presented to the NSW Government and Opposition were helping re-shape the future of the State’s dairy industry.

Source: Dairy Connect Media Release