Not content with giving children a green light to take dangerous drugs at music festivals, a leading pill-testing and drug campaigner now wants to sell them in shops.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Australia21 think tank director Dr Alex Wodak thinks the deadly drug MDMA should be sold legally.

The “harm minimisation” campaigner also wants to see pill testing at music festivals and the removal of fines for drug possession. But most concerning is his belief that children should be told that drugs have “benefits”.

“We certainly want kids going through that program to know there are both benefits and there are also risks (of taking drugs). And we have to trust their judgment to try and stay safe,” he told the Telegraph. “You have to approach the subject of drug education by acknowledging some people, not all people, enjoy it (drugs). And some of them enjoy it for a while and then hate it. But I think you have to acknowledge … some people get some pleasure from it, and also acknowledge of course that some people regret the day they took any drugs.”

In an opinion piece published by Fairfax Media, Deputy Premier John Barilaro said the focus has to be on the dealers who prey on our kids, rather than the State of NSW aiding their illicit trade by endorsing the product they’re pushing.

“I couldn’t believe my ears last week when I heard the new opposition leader Michael Daley stating that NSW Labor would consider allowing the testing of drugs at music festivals,” Mr Barilaro wrote. “NSW Labor’s plan is a slap in the face to our police who swear an allegiance to uphold the law, only to then turn a blind eye when a DJ and a light show engineer set up shop in a nearby field, with one of Michael Daley’s pill testers.”

The NSW Government has ordered a review of Dr Wodak’s engagement “if any” in schools.