Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has announced the social media platform will ban all political advertising worldwide from November 22.

It comes as the United States Congress holds hearings into the impact of social media advertising during the 2017 US Presidential Campaign, which saw complaints of foreign interference and ‘bad actors’ spreading misinformation.

With tough new laws on political advertising being flagged by the political left – which relies more on grassroots campaigns to spread messaging – there is increasing pressure on social media companies to simply ban advertising altogether, as Google did during the recent Canadian elections. Facebook, the world’s biggest social media company, has drawn considerable criticism over political advertising following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Social media is playing an increasing role in advertising – taking market share from traditional media companies – and these events from the other side of the world could have a major impact on Australian politics. And while these platforms are here to stay, it remains to be seen what impact these changes could have.

Twitter will reveal its final political advertising policy on November 15.