A new multi-million dollar plan to create jobs, grow regional centres and back our farmers looks set to back agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries.

This week the Government promised to help farm gate output hit $100 billion by 2030, which would see more jobs and more money in the regions.

The Primary industries sector currently employs more than 250,000 Australians and importantly feeds the nation while contributing significantly to our economic success. This Government has a strong track record on delivering improvements in primary industries, with production up 25 per cent and the value of exports up 29 per cent to $53 billion.

A policy document released by the Government states it is “is making it a priority to build resilience against the inevitable droughts and floods that will visit our land.”

“First, we ensured a coordinated approach by appointing a Coordinator-General for Drought, Major General Stephen Day, and the Drought Special Envoy Barnaby Joyce,” it said. “We convened a Drought Summit and developed a new National Drought Agreement ensuring a united front from Commonwealth and state and territory governments in support of farming businesses, families and communities. Second, we ensured affected farming families and communities have the support they need. And we will continue to do so. Third, we acted to build our nation’s resilience against drought with a landmark Future Drought Fund.”

With the Federal Election a little over two weeks away, rural and regional communities are watching the campaign closely to see who will offer the best support.

It would appear the current Government is streets ahead of the opposition on agriculture policy. While no government can control the weather, there’s a clear frontrunner on who is best placed to help in tough times.