The bully-boy tactics of a pseudo-political party are being exposed by their victims, as the House of Representatives sits for the first full fortnight since the May 18 election.

During the Federal Election campaign, GetUp backed a number of anti-Government campaigns in an effort to install Bill Shorten as Prime Minister. They were accused of paying for ‘volunteers’ and shipping campaign workers across the country to disrupt several campaigns, such as former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s in Warringah, while working for ‘independents’ like former Labor supporter Rob Oakeshott in Cowper.

Now, a number of MPs have come forward to express their disgust at the harassment they were subjected to.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott told 2GB Radio that GetUp was a “a really nasty front for the worst elements of the left”.

““They’re not even conservative Labor activists, they’re radical left activists who basically support the Greens and they are completely ruthless and unscrupulous in smearing anyone who is remotely conservative,” he said. ““I hope people understand GetUp are not concerned citizens, they are hardened left-wing activists who want to do enormous damage to our economy and society.”

Aggressive tactics in Coalition MP Nicolle Flint’s re-election campaign in Boothby allegedly included vandals “attacking her office and the 41-year-old being stalked”, according to The Australian.

“I will be making a detailed submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters regarding the behaviour of the Australian Labor Party, GetUp & the Unions in the seat of Boothby during the election campaign,” she told The Australian.

Former South Australian Premier John Olsen, a 40-year political veteran, said the Boothby campaign was without precedent in his State.

“The campaign against Nicolle Flint was a new low,” Mr Olsen told The Australian. “It was ugly, offensive, and unfortunate in that it may dissuade other women from a career in politics.”