For too long country mothers have had to say goodbye to their children and send them away to university, but that’s changing thanks to The Nationals.

After decades of the “brain drain” that’s seen our best and brightest leave the regions never to return, we’re finally seeing the rise of quality university educations in the bush.

The Nationals’ Country University Centres harness the latest technology to allow people to study without leaving home, meaning our young people can keep living their lives while preparing for the future. These centres deliver supported learning to students, providing them with access to campus-level technology, facilities, tutors, supportive administrative and academic staff, and a network of fellow students and local industry.

This “learn local, work local” approach has already seen more than 430 students supported as they study 135 different degrees at 35 universities thanks to an $8 million investment from the Nationals in Government. But there’s more on the way, with another five Country University Centres slated to receive another $8 million in funding.

The Nationals in Government will ensure even more regional students are given the option to live at home close to their family and friends whilst also undertaking the further education of their choice, rather than having to relocate for study. As well as the personal benefits for students, these new centres will reduce the number of young people needing to leave regions to city areas and allow local businesses to access local people with appropriate qualifications to meet their needs.

Now, they can stay with their families and friends in their home towns, and still grow up to be the next generation of doctors, nurses, teachers, farmers and engineers.