Veteran radio broadcaster John Laws has given the Shooters Party a tongue-lashing over their backflip on supporting more water buybacks.

After a South Australian Royal Commission – started by Labor – recommended more water buybacks from NSW, Dubbo Shooters candidate Lara Quealy was quick to attack the Nationals and said her party supported its findings.

But when outrage spread among farming communities, the Shooters attempted to backflip and blame the Nationals.

John Laws was having none of it, speaking about the issue on his radio show:

“The Shooters Party has quickly begun to fray at the edges,” he said. “ When you try to rapidly scale up the way the Shooters have with next to no vetting processes, you end up with a heap of pretty average candidates who have no idea what they’re talking about anyway. An example is in the seat of Dubbo, in the wake of a South Australian Royal Commission the Shooters candidate duly announced the Shooters Party supported the findings and recommendations of the South Australian Royal Commission.”

“That’d be devastating to NSW river communities; let’s face it the Royal Commission set up in the dying days of the South Australian Labor Government was all about getting more water from NSW to South Australia. This clown from the Shooters Party in Dubbo supports that.”

“This is what happens when inexperienced candidates who aren’t vetted and more importantly don’t understand the issues get to say something,” Mr Laws said. “I can accept for some an anti-politician type candidate can be a bit alluring, but they’ve got to know what they’re talking about surely. This Ms (Lara) Quealy certainly doesn’t know what she’s talking about – surely common sense would tell you that if one state set up a Royal Commission into a valuable resource like water there’s a fair chance it will find that the state should have more of it, and at others’ expense. Here’s the Shooters Party candidate in Dubbo telling us its party policy to back the findings and recommendations of the Royal Commission.”

“In her haste to give a bagging to the National Party she failed to realise her grand announcement would send NSW jobs and productive water down the river.”

“She’s realised the error of her ways but she’s tried to blame The Nationals for twisting her words; the truth is she gave the statement that the Shooters supported the findings and recommendations of the South Australian Royal Commission to her local newspaper – she did it, nobody else,” Mr Laws said. “In the seat of Murray the Shooters’ perennial candidate wants a Federal Royal Commission; the last thing basin communities need is another inquiry and another report, believe me.”

“All of this highlights how the Shooters have spread themselves far too thin – you know they simply don’t have the resources or the know how – that’s the sad fact, and most importantly don’t have candidates who know what they’re talking about, but insist on opening their mouths anyway and generally making fools of themselves.”