A Labor Government would lock up large sections of farms without any compensation, in a bid to appease the Greens.

Labor has announced it will extend Queensland-style land clearing laws all over the country, punishing farmers for vegetation on their properties by stopping them making money off that land, rather than rewarding them for the vegetation on their land.

Farmers right across Queensland are hurting after the State Labor Government introduced harsh laws there – now they want to bring them in right across Australia. Now Bill Shorten is getting in on the act, bashing farmers with a big stick when they should be rewarded for the biodiversity on their properties.

Last year, a Queensland farmer was fined for feeding his starving cattle mulga, as the drought gripped prime agricultural land. It was widely decried as kicking farmers while they were down, but it also revealed Labor’s absolute disregard for primary producers and their future.

Taking away part of a business’s assets and offering nothing in return is wrong. Labor has no right to declare farmers can’t use a big part of their farms without compensation.