Controversial left-wing campaigners GetUp have exhausted most of their political influence, according to The Australian.

Nick Cater, a columnist and executive director of the Menzies Research Centre, wrote that GetUp director Paul Oosting had turned from a rooster to a feather duster when he fronted a half-empty National Press Club last week.

“It would be a mistake to say that GetUp achieved nothing at the May election,” Mr Cater wrote. “It succeeded in making this the meanest, nastiest and most-polarised (federal election) campaign in recent memory.”

Founded in 2005 with seed funding from Bill Shorten’s Australian Workers Union, GetUp has unashamedly campaigned for left-wing causes and boasted about “going after” conservative MPs. In 2007, GetUp ran a how-to-vote website which asked voters questions and advised them who to vote for. No matter how questions were answered, it always advised to put Coalition candidates last. The Electoral Commission labelled the website “misleading and deceptive”.

Earlier this year, GetUp targeted several Government MPs with the aim of swinging the Federal Election in Labor’s favour. But it ended up wasting $3.5 million on what Mr Cater called “a hairbrained adventure in democracy”.

Thankfully, local voters saw through the intimidation tactics and fly-in, fly-out ‘volunteers’ GetUp stood on polling booths. The result was a lot of flash and nastiness that resulted in nothing but an erosion of faith in democracy.